A Necklace of Old Venetian African Trade Beads In Brick Red and Blue With Ancient Blue Spacers M00519

$329.00 $393.00

This necklace is made of a variety of old Venetian African Trade beads in Brick Red and Blue, put together with ancient transparent blue Nila beads from the Islamic Period, and contemporary copper bead caps protecting the old beads.

The necklace is approximately 20" long. Venetian beads are approximately 12mm in diameter, the focal larger bead is about 16mm. These beads date to the 1800-1990s. The small ancient blue spacers are excavated beads from West Africa, where they are found in abundance along the ancient sub-Saharan trade caravan routes. They are approximately 1000 years old.

The old beads are in very good shape, but given their age, some nocks could be expected. Please see the photos for detail.