A double-strand necklace of Natural Chiapas Amber and Caribbean Dominican Amber



This beautiful necklace is made of two different ambers. The yellow beads are natural, untreated Chiapas amber from Mexico. The dark blue beads are Caribbean Amber. Caribbean amber is natural (usually Dominican) amber that is heat-treated to bring it to complete transparency, typically with the addition of a dye. In the UV light, both types of amber beads fluoresce becoming majestic intense blue, as is seen in one of the photos.

The necklace is 20" long, The beads are 10-112mm in diameter, The beads are separated by tiny silver metal spacers, and the clasp is sterling silver.  The earrings are about 1" (dangle only, not including the wire)

The necklace can be purchased as a set with earrings, or separately.  Earrings are simple french wire dangles, with sterling silver accents, as seen in the photos

Some of the Chiapas amber beads have inclusions and spots of different colors. There are occasional irregularities on the smooth surface of the beads. These inclusions and irregularities are natural and should be expected. Some can be seen in the photos and some are not. These irregularities only emphasize the beauty of the natural amber. The Caribbean amber is transparent deep blue.