A Double-strand Necklace of Antique Carnelian Agate from the African Trade 10146

$126.00 $148.00

This double-strand necklace is made of old Carnelian.  The small round beads are trade beads from West Africa.   The longer faceted beads at the back are Idar-Oberstein carnelian.  The two large silver beads at the base of the strands are from India, and a few small silver spacers between the Idar-Oberstein beads are contemporary Karen Hill Tribe beads,  high silver.   The clasp is sterling silver.  

The necklace is 20" long along the inner side and 24" around the outer side.

The small carnelian beads are 6-8mm, and Idar-Oberstein beads are about 30x10mm.   The large Indian silver beads ate about 22x15mm.