Antique Red Sea Black Coral from Yemen and Antique Silver Necklace (647)


This 25" necklace is composed of rare very large black coral beads from Yemen. These beads were once part of a tasbih (a prayer beads strand). This kind of coral comes from the Red Sea. It is rare to come, especially in the extra large size and good condition, and we are lucky to have come across them!

The soft black of these beads is complimented by antique round silver beads. These hollow beads also come from Yemen. Small disk silver spacers protecting the coral beads from rubbing against each other are modern, sourced in Bali.

The largest coral bead is approximately 25mm, the smallest about 19mm in diameter. The silver beads are 23mm, the silver bead in the back is 18mm.

The necklace is designed without a clasp.

Black coral is really hard to photograph, as almost nothing captures its true beauty. Photos are taken under different lights to show what it looks like under different conditions.

The beads are old, and some imperfections are inevitable. Please check the photos for detail.