A Necklace of Tibetan Capped Melon Carnelian Agate and Rudraksha Nut Beads 10127


This is a 24" necklace made of rare Tibetan carved melon-shaped carnelian beads capped with silver, put together with Rudraksha nut beads, old carnelian beads from West Africa, and small silver-plated filigree beads.  The S-hook clasp is sterling silver.  

The carved carnelian beads are 18-22mm wide and about 30mm long;  the large capped Rudraksha focal bead is about 20x22mm, and smaller Rudraksha beads are about 14mm in diameter.  The small carnelian beads are 6-8mm, and the tiny filigree spacers are about 3mm.

An unusual combination of the Nepalese, African, and European traditions.