Dark Indonesian Amber and Gold Vermeil Earrings


This listing is for a pair of dangle and stud earrings. The earrings, elegant in their simplicity, feature round dark Indonesian 12 mm beads and gold vermeil. The length of the dangle is 15mm, the total length is 25mm.  Note that the prop face is much smaller than life-size. 

These earrings can be matched with many of our Amber necklaces. 

This particular Indonesian Amber is sometimes referred to as "blue amber". Indeed in bright sunlight, especially when the sun rays are falling at the beads at an angle, there is a clear blue tint visible. This hint of blue is visible under a variety of natural light conditions, although this is usually a fleeting effect. In most natural light conditions the color of the beads is dark gray to almost black. But the blue effect is there, and it is especially pronounced in UV light. One of the photos, the one showing intense blue, is taken under UV light,

Some of these natural amber beads have inclusions and spots of different colors. There are occasional irregularities on the smooth surface of the beads. These inclusions and irregularities are natural and should be expected. Some can be seen in the photos and some are not. These irregularities only emphasize the beauty of the natural amber.