Vintage Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Silver Hamsa Necklace


This vintage sterling silver necklace with sterling silver and lapis lazuli is 16" long without the pendant, the pendant adding another 1.25" in length. The vintage silver chain is made of sterling silver, slightly oxidized, with a pleasant delicate patina. An excellent and stylish Judaica gift.

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol that transcends a single religion. Since pre-Islamic times, Jews, Carthaginians and Romans all saw the hamsa as having the power to avert the evil eye. It later became a prominent symbol in Islamic countries. Hamsa is also referred to as “the hand of Miriam” (who was Moses’ sister) in the Jewish tradition, while Muslims refer to it as “the hand of Fatima” (the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter). It is a ubiquitous symbol in the Jewish culture appearing on the marriage contracts, and adorning many religious and ritual objects. The symbol of the hand appears in Kabbalistic manuscripts and amulets. In more recent times the hamsa became more of a secular symbol in everyday Israeli life.
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