A 38" Amethyst and Silver Necklace


This 38" necklace is made of a mix of large rough faceted amethyst beads with smaller round matter amethyst beads, along with some oxidized sterling silver beads.  The necklace is finished with a heart-shaped silver clasp. The faceted amethyst beads are about m about 17x12mm, and the round amethyst beads range from 4 to 12mm, some polished and transparent, some opaque, and some matte roughly polished.  Oxidized sterling silver beads are 10-11mm in diameter.    

The old silver beads show age, with some nicks, imperfections, and discoloration which only add character to the piece.  

We show our jewelry in different lighting conditions to provide a better view of what it looks like in day and night lighting,  but please be aware that colors as seen on different monitors may vary depending on the monitor settings. 

The sizes are approximate.