A Matiné Necklace of Indonesian Amber in Gold and Honey Hues

$105.00 $121.00

This 21" long matiné necklace is made of 13 mm round natural Indonesian beads graduating in color from light honey to dark honey, almost wine red. The necklace features two antique 20K Gold Sheet Over Wax Core 14mm beads and is completed with tiny gold-filled bead caps and a push-pin gold-filled clasp.

Indonesian amber has a characteristic honey color of various hues but comes alight with ruby, blue, and gold colors in sunlight or bright electric light. And under the UV or bright LED light, it fluoresces bright blue. You can get glimpses of that color in direct sunlight as well.

The photos show this range of colors. Some are taken in daylight with no direct sun, some in bright studio lights, some under UV light, and some seen against the fading sun of a late fall evening. A thoroughly enjoyable piece.

These natural amber beads are semi-transparent, with inclusions and darker spots. There are occasional irregularities on the smooth surface of the beads. These inclusions and irregularities are natural and should be expected. Some can be seen in the photos and some are not. These irregularities only emphasize the beauty of the natural amber.