A Necklace of Idar-Oberstein Carnelian and Ancient Excavated Carnelian Agate Beads XX023

$399.00 $481.00

This is a 77" long wrap/flapper necklace. It is made of a combination of antique faceted Idar-Oberstein carnelian beads and ancient excavated carnelian from West Africa. Idar-Oberstein beads date from 1800 to early 1900, made in the famous Idar-Oberstein factory in Germany for African trade. The smaller round beads are a mix of ancient and antique ancient carnelian beads from West Africa. Bead caps and small spacers are brass.

The largest bead is about 27x10mm, the smallest carnelian spacer is 3mm.

The beads are old or ancient and may have age-appropriate imperfections like small chips, cracks, or nicks.