A Short Necklace of Translucent Blue and Gold Antique Glass and Antique Octagon Brass Beads With Matching Earrings



This necklace is made of old translucent blue glass beads with gold accents. Some of the accents have white or cream highlights, but white has no real prominence in the color. The blue and gold beads are accentuated with unusual old octagonal brass beads. Interestingly, the oldest and the most unusual beads in this necklace are the small blue spacers, which are the so-called "Nila" glass excavated along the ancient caravan routes of West Africa.  Those little spacers are authentic ancient beads dating to about XI-XII  centuries AD.   

The exact nature of the beautiful larger blue glass beads is not known. Represented by the seller as ancient glass beads, these come from Pakistan and are reminiscent of Venetian wedding cake beads, but the white deposit inside the perforation indicates that this is likely a more recent Asian reproduction. Whatever they are, these rich blue translucent glass beads are magically beautiful.

This necklace is 20" long. The glass beads are approximately 6-8mm, while the grass accent beads are about 14 mm in diameter. 

The necklace can be bought separately, or in a set with matching earrings, The earrings are about 20mm long. (the dangle only, not counting the wire)