A Triple-strand Necklace of Antique yellow "tomato" Bohemian Trade beads, Krobo Recycled Glass, and African Brass

$199.00 $243.00

This triple-strand earthy yellow and green necklace brings together antique yellow Bohemian "tomato beads from Ethiopia, and contemporary hand-made green Krobo recycled glass beads from Ghana, put together with an artisan hand-made brass chain from the African Trade.

The necklace is about 27" long, the Tomato beads are about 15x12mm, and the Krobo beads are 10-12mm in diameter.

Tomato beads have some patina on them, showing off their old age. The Krobo are not as old but are made to look antique, and being hand-made, each bead shows its own character.