A Vintage Moroccan Star of David Necklace with Carnelian, Silver and Silver Alloy Yemenite Beads

$199.00 $259.00

This ethnic-style necklace features a beautiful vintage Star of David Pendant from Morocco with a silver Star of David over what appears to be carnelian. The pendant is double-sided, with both sides almost identical, except the front side also has a coral or coral-colored insert round stone in the middle of the star. The pendant is set on a necklace made of large rough carnelian nuggets, smaller faceted carnelian beads, and silver metal contemporary beads from a Yemen bazaar. The silver content on the pendant or the beads is not known. The beads are likely a low-grade silver alloy, while the pendant appears to be sterling silver, but has not been tested.

The pendant is about 2 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. The necklace is 22 inches long without the pendant.

Please see the photos for more detail.

The photos are taken in a range of lighting conditions, from studio light to natural light, to show the differences in color in different light.