Madagascar Copal Amber and Coco Wood Necklace (614)


This necklace is part of our collection of amber from around the world. This particular one is made of young Madagascar copal. The rough amber beads are light, and nearly transparent, Put together with the irregular-shaped coco chip beads, this statement necklace is 28" along the external perimeter, and 22" on the inside. The amber beads vary in size from about 2" to 0.5" long. Combines the elegance of amber and the wilderness of style. In bright sun, the beads sometimes show a hint of blue, In UV light, however, the blue is stunningly intense - see some of the photos taken in the UV light.

Copal is young amber, amber that has not yet petrified. It is also more brittle than ancient petrified amber and should be worn with care.