Sterling Silver and chrysoprase Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace with Lace Agate and Sterling Silver CHR1


This Hamsa necklace features a green Chrysoprase Evil Eye sterling silver Hamsa pendant on a necklace of green lace agate and sterling silver.

The necklace is pendant is 20" without the pendant; the pendant is 50mm long with bail, 25mm wide.

The origins of the Hamsa symbol go back to antiquity. It was seen in ancient Mesopotamia, and it is believed that the Phoenicians used it as a symbol of protection. Jews and Muslims wear the hamsa as a protective symbol. It is believed to ward off the evil eye and misfortunes in general, and to bring happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The hamsa hand is known by many names - hamsa, or the Hand of Miriam to the Jews, Khamissa or Hand of Fatima to the Muslims.

An evil eye symbol is frequently present on a hamsa. The ancients believed that illness, misfortunes of any kind, and generally bad luck are caused by a malevolent gaze of an envious ill-wisher. Talismans bearing depictions of an eye were used as protection against the evil eye since antiquity, and today the Hamsa and the Evil Eye symbols continue to be worn as symbols of protection, luck, and more recently, peace.