A Necklace of Indonesian Jatim Type Mosaic Beads with Rosewood

$110.00 $153.00

This 26.5" graduated necklace is made of colorful beads that are replicas of the ancient Jatim/Pelangi mosaic beads from Indonesia, put together with exquisitely polished rosewood beads of two sizes. The skillful Jatim replicas are made in Indonesia up to this date by artisans keeping the old traditions alive. The subdued beige pastels of the Jatim beads are complemented by the warm browns of rosewood. The round mosaic beads and the larger rosewood beads are 18-20 mm, the smaller rosewood beads are 6mm. See the scale photo for more detail. The copper spacers and a solid copper claw clasp nicely complement the materials of the necklace.