A Necklace of Antique African Trade Coin Carnelian Beads Strung with Moroccan Ethnic Beads


This 25.5" necklace is made of antique carnelian coin beads from the African Trade, Moroccan silver tone beads, large filigree beads, and brass

The metal content of the silver-tone beads is not known. It appears to be a low-grade silver alloy.

The focal coin carnelian bead is about 40mm in diameter. Smaller carnelian coin beads are approximate;y 20mm in diameter. The large filigree beads are 35x50 mm, and Moroccan beads are about 15x17mm. The spacer beads are brass.

Carnelian beads are old and may have age-appropriate imperfections like small chips, cracks, or nicks.