Ethnic-style Silver, Faux Amber Resin and Mother-of-Pearl Over Silver Necklace


Ethnic-style 25-inch necklace made of Nepalese Faux Amber Resin and silver beads, Moroccan Filigree Silver beads, and small antique Mother-of-Pearl over silver Tibetan beads. The largest silver filigree bead is 30x27 mm. The smallest mother-of-pearl beads are 8mm. Strung on a fine copper chain.

Copal Amber is tree resin (not tree sap!) that is very old (expert opinions range from 1000 to 100,000 years old) but has not yet gone through the fossilization process that makes real amber (such as Baltic Amber). It has been widely used since antiquity across the globe for the purpose of jewelry making and for incense used in religious rituals.