Amazonite and Nepalese Oxidized Copper Beads Necklace

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This beautiful necklace is made of large 20 mm multi-color amazonite beads and old Nepalese oxidized copper beads.

The brass beads are copper finished and are of beautiful old-world brass color, with avian and floral designs. This unusual combination of brass and amazonite results in a unique eye-catching look.

The necklace is 20" long including the clasp, which is made in the form of two intertwined snakes.

The jewelry box shown in the photos is not included.

About Amazonite:

Amazonite has been used in jewelry by many ancient cultures. It is a frequent find in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and nobles. The ancient Egyptians believed it brought good luck and fertility, and it was used in a variety of talismans. Amazonite, together with lapis lazuli and carnelian, and, in particular, Amazonite is one of the gemstones adorning the famous gold mask of Tutankhamun.

Amazonite jewelry is found in archaeological digs across northern Africa and the Middle East. Ancient Indians used it in earrings and rings, and ancient pre-Colombian necklaces with Amazonite are found across South and Central America. Today, it continues to be one of the favorites in jewelry due to its beautiful colors.

Turquoise-colored Amazonite can be used as the birthstone of March.

About Nepalese Beads:

Nepalese and Tibetan beads stem from a rich and ancient tradition of prayer beads which are made of gemstones, amber, ivory, trees and nuts, and various metals.
Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multicultural country in the Himalayas, and its jewelry traditions have been influenced by all these cultures, primarily by the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Many believe that Nepalese have special metaphysical and healing properties, nurture courage and strength it the wearer, as well as nurture truthfulness and sincerity.