Glow in the Dark Necklace or Rainforest Agate, Chinese Carved Turquoise and Cave Aragonite


This Rainforest Agate, Chinese Carved Turquoise, and Aragonite are here ready for the fall season, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is made of an unusual combination of gemstones: rainforest agate with rare aragonite (ana as cave calcite), accented with large carved pumpkin-shaped Chinese turquoise beads, and copper heishi. Cave aragonite, beautiful pale green in the sunlight, glows in the dark! Wear it for Halloween and through the fall. Aragonite beads are 10-12 mm, Rainforest agate is of a delicate marble-like color pattern of light green to match the aragonite, dark green, and brown. These colors also are those of the carved pumpkin beads. The carved pumpkin beads are 40x30mm, while rainforest agate beads are 14 mm. One of the pumpkin beads has a small surface crack that does not affect the structure of the bead and is not really visible unless you look for it. Sold as Chinese Turquoise, these pumpkin beads are likely howlite, but the exact nature is unknown.